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Green advanced resources conservation services GARCS

Green Advanced Resources Conservation Services is a social and commercial initiative

Our mission is to eliminate the waste from your past, while providing your business a clean slate for the future.

  • Strong presence in major cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore.
  • Collection facilities spread across the country with more than 200 touch points
  • We are partnered with more than 20+ recyclers for E-Waste and Plastic Waste recycling across India

We take care of your waste in an environmentally safe manner, so that your conscience is clean. India produces over 17 lakh million tonnes of waste annually. And that number grows by 5 per cent every year. It’s possible to recycle around 40 to 50 per cent of the waste generated. GARCS attempts to do just that. We are a government authorised organisation for the collection, storage, dismantling and recycling of plastic and electronic waste. Together we can decrease your carbon footprint, secure our future and pave the way for sustainable economic growth. We only get one planet. It’s in our best interest to treat her right.